For more than 27 years we have provided solutions for entrepreneurs and corporate clients.

Over that period we became experts in certain sectors, including electronics, automotive, packaging and home appliances.

We always put clients and their needs first. Our company pays particular attention to building and maintaining long-term business relationships. This is why we carry out our transport projects with a view to ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

Radosław Lemieszek – Chief Executive Officer

we serve
Construction industry

We provide our clients with:

  • Mercedes, Volvo and DAF vehicles that meet the EURO 6 standard (the average vehicle age is 1.5 years)
    Our fleet
  • high-rack storage warehousing
  • high-performance IT systems provide real-time information, including vehicle and cargo location details and the predicted delivery time
  • we provide cargo insurance and offer regular transport services across the whole European Union
  • JUMBO (120 m3) and MEGA (100 m3) truck sets with a payload of up to 24t
  • our fleet is equipped to handle cargo that requires extra reinforcement and securing
  • our clients have access to an online dashboard for cargo monitoring and generating transport orders
  • industry-specific teams which ensure professional and efficient communication with respect to our services
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