04 Jan
25 years behind us

25 years behind us

He started on his own with just 1 vehicle and an exceptionally atmospheric office situated in a garage. Now, a quarter of a century later, MASZOŃSKI Logistic means 450 LGVs, 700 employees, millions of kilometres travelled, cutting-edge systems and technologies and over 2500 sq. m of modern office space.

We wish for 2021 to become a year full of memories for our team. The celebrations of the 25th anniversary of our company served as an opportunity to delve deep into history. The youngest MASZOŃSKI Logistic employees do not remember those days - as they are nearly as old as the company in which they begin their professional careers. Our team also includes people who have been with us for over a decade or two or even longer. To many others however, working with us is a shorter or longer chapter from the past. However, each of them has left their mark on MASZOŃSKI Logistic. The people who work here engage in relations which bring benefits in their further professional as well as private lives. Friendships are also not uncommon here.

Today, over 25 years after the start of the company, we are happy about our success in the European market. We wish to thank our Clients for their trust, and our business partners for fruitful cooperation. It would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our current, as well as our past employees. We wish to thank them for their daily efforts and contribution to the company growth.

We are wholeheartedly thankful for their will to create the history of our Company for the past quarter of a century!


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